A Smok Vaporizer Pen Review

A Smok Vaporizer Pen Review

The Okanagan Vaporizer Company has created a new product by means of the Smok Pen. The product supplies the electronic cigarette enthusiast with the same sensation and ease that they would experience when smoking a traditional coil. However, this is made available in a pen style that allows you to have it on your own finger or in your pocket. The advantage of this is that should you have a laptop or tablet, you may use it wherever you are. Many people believe that due to the portable nature, it lacks a larger draw compared to other electronic cigarettes like the Smok 3 among others.

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The most obvious difference between the two devices may be the size. In contrast to many other coil based vaporizers, the Smok Pen includes a smaller coil. Which means that there is not just as much room for e-juice to be vaped. Smok also claims that smaller coil offers a better vapour generation. With small coil space, there are also less probability of leaking e-juice and a better quality flavour.

Smok vaporizers likewise have two extra features unlike the normal pen style vaporizer. One of these brilliant is the capability to charge via the USB port on the computer. While this might not seem vital that you some, charging via the USB port can cause the computer to overheat thus decreasing the performance of these devices. The other additional feature may be the built-in battery. Smok states that the built-in battery gives the user extended run times of up to two hours.

Your body of the pen is made of durable high density plastic and is covered with a difficult transparent covering. On the exterior, you will see a hard metal ring along with two buttons, one at the very top and bottom. Pressing either button will activate the heating element, activating the heating chamber which warms the air inside the tank. The smok pen 22 is then pressed once to start out the vaporizing process.

A heat seeking micro probe is located at the bottom of the pen, just above the fire button. It will detect when the temperature reaches a particular threshold, activating the heating element. Once the temperature has already reached the set threshold, a bright indicator light will flash and then turn red. This is to point enough time the coil has finished warming up.

The construction of the pen seems to be very good, with each unit coming with a stainless body and a rigid plastic dome for the cooling chamber. The outer plastic dome looks very sleek, with a few different colors available. My only concern is that the black color isn’t particularly cool looking; it will look a little dark next to your teeth.

In contrast to the build quality of the pen, Smok has a very strong quality when it comes to the performance of their ego style battery. Each individual coil in each of the batteries is made from quite strong material, preventing Vape breakage and leakage. In the Smok Cloud Pro, the clouds are extremely large and present an extreme quantity of texture. This is achieved due to the way that the cloud material is arranged. The result is that this pen will produce a lot more intense vapor and last a lot longer than most pens.

One of the primary benefits of the Smok vaporizer pen is the extremely low price. At only thirty-five dollars, the Cloud Pro is an incredibly economical pen. If you don’t need to use a lot of atomization, you might like to consider buying another Smok product before spending the extra money on the Cloud Pro. The battery in the Smok pen also allows an individual to experience all the benefits of vaporizing without spending all of the time necessary to get to that time. As with any vaporizer, you will still need to buy a replacement coil, so purchasing the Cloud Pro is really worth it if you are somebody who loves to use a pen as a personal vaporizer.